Friday, 30 March 2012

How To Get a Lot of Followers on Twitter

Twitter Follower
There are several ways to make money online, all of course require you to have some form of webpage. This may not be just a website as Facebook pages are soon becoming a way to sell online. What this tells us is that social media is becoming more of a necessity than a feature.
One of the leading social media formats is Twitter and of course if you're trying to get into the social-media- marketing world, will know the difficulties you face getting people to talk to follow you. Many of you would have setup a Twitter accounts followed a few people and waited for other tweeters to follow you.
This day and age if you want to promote your online business you needs followers on Twitter. This clearly tells the search engines that people are talking about your site. It seem strange, but when you post a Tweet with a link to your site it creates a link, if you do a good tweet and someone re-tweets it this is even more powerful.
One good thing is that you can integrate your website and Facebook page to your Twitter account. This means that Facebook post become a Tweet so you don’t have to double up on things, but once again this is pointless if you don’t have followers.
What is so good about Twitter is its ability to mass communicate. One post can reach thousands of potential customers; one post. Imagine if you had 10,000 followers and with one post you had just 5% click through to your site. That is 500 visitors. Now tweet something good once a week and that is 2000 additional visitors to your site. If you site converts then you are seeing more profits. Not only that, but your search engine rankings may increase as you have social proof that your site is worth talking about. A huge factors in today’s rankings.
So how do you get followers? There are a lot of people who will claim to provide thousands of followers, but watch these scams, you will end up with bots. These are fake twitter accounts that don’t read your tweets. You need real followers, real people. The best part is you can get them for free. Learn how to get instant twitter followers here.

Of course there are some Problems with Twitter. See video below. :)

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