Thursday, 15 March 2012

How To Create Google Backlinks

I’m going to confess an exasperating reality right now I am a victim of spending useless time building links by way of article submissions. Certainly I learn how important they are to produce, but certainly it’s a painful course of action first of all writing the article and then organizing via search results trying to get quality directories for you to submit my awesomely authored articles to. While you’re working full time like I do, every second counts and this is actually important time that I could’ve put in doing work on my actual web page.

How To Create Google Backlink and save time

Well, it’s not so much the article writing, because I quickly found a quicker way to write articles. Aaah the power of outsourcing. I found that by sending my article writing jobs overseas I could get them written for a fraction of the rate of what my time is worth. The only issue with this was that some of the articles I paid for were very poorly written and hard to understand. Still, a few tweaks here and there still took less time than writing them myself.

What I discovered next was how hard it was to seek out places to post my articles. It doesn't work to well having an article written with no way to use it to create backlinks. So I got to it. I started out to search through Yahoo to be able to find article submission sites I did my research and found a simple formula to type in to Google, "Powered by WordPress" "Using Article Directory plugin" By typing this in the search box I got some good results.

So immediately after trying this new combo of words I went about getting 4 million results. Here’s how my story goes. I exposed each and every result, read it to determine if it was in fact an article directory submission site and in case I was in the proper place I setup an account. For any of you who have been through this technique you already know already that means validating my e-mail address, logging in, saving my login information in my excel spreadsheet and then moving onto the next site. This was the first time in my life that I scroll past the first 2 pages of Google and I found something quite intriguing. You cannot search more than page 27. That’s as far as it goes. With all that, I ended up with no more than 32 working directory submission sites.

I continue with my work, logged into accounts, submitted quality articles, hyperlink the backlinks and keep going into the next step. As one could picture, I got quite fast at the whole practice after a couple of weeks, I was posting on average 20 articles a week with the rewriting and submitting. But even though I was getting quick I still had my aggravations, sometimes when I logged into account I found that the complete directory site had up and vanished, along with my precious backlinks from that site. An additional disappointment was the standard of some of the sites, without page rank the link isn’t the very best quality.

I can now blissfully say that this time consuming job has now faded away along with some of those unsound directory submission websites after I was introduced to a SEO expert. Currently, my ranking performs one of the highest and I grabbed my time back.

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